I have handed this page over to others... I am very aware of how scared I should be of that.

"Rebecca Johnson is a crafty fox, nutty knotty knitter and valued member of the (not so) secret cardigan society. She enjoys well-crafted puns, copious amounts of tea and endeavours to become the Indian Jones of Librarianship." 
E.J. Babbage (fellow member of the S.C.S.)

"Rebecca always knows the right swear word for the right occasion. I give her an A+!"

"I hear #beccapoopsatparties" *

"Even though I have only met Becca once, I still regard heras a close friend. Cooky, geeky and fun in one  awesome creative package."
Sezzy (I think she was trying to make up for the hashtag lol - R)

"Rebecca's ridiculously resplendent reign of responsibility and rambunctiousness reiterates the ramifications of radical, rebellious, or rampant recklessness Rebecca reaffirms reasonable, reassuring, and reflective recreational retreats, and resides remarkably restfully in a relaxed residence. Resisting Rebecca's remarkably revolutionary personality would be ridiculously recalcitrant and rebellious."

* Thanks Sezzy, the joke hashtag that never ended


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