School holidays means sleepovers in our family. When I was little I would visit my grandparents and ‘one more week’ my way through the entire holidays.

Now that I’m older, and am apparently now the cool cousin (turns out I’m cool to six-year-olds, who knew), it means sleepovers with Becca – or, more accurately “Beekie”.

I tried to get a few photos of our fun so I should share what Hannah sleepovers look like but, as usual when trying to play with Hannah, most of the photos turned out like this…


20100110 (8) 

And this was the best of the blurred ones. She moves so fast that it’s often hard to get a clear shot.

This sleepover was rather low-key for a Hannah-over. There was no princesses to save nor goblins to fight. But still, we had fun.


There was blocks…



And much toy accessorising, including new scarfs for Bear (the same bear that received a dress last year) and Ted, ribbons for Skye, Lily and and Rosie, and bracelets all around.


20100110 Little Mother_sig


Basically this meant that she knit a row of a scarf – all on her own! I was so proud – before giving it back to me and saying i could finish it. While she likes craft, she’s not into the organised craft-thing. She much preferred to cut the wool into little tiny bits and then knot them back together.




But Hannah knows the Becca-rules. She’s more than welcome to almost anything she can find in my craft room – but she has to actually make something. All those little bits of wool had to be used for something.

At first she thought a hat would be a good idea. Especially since it meant she could try her hand at fashion photography…




But this idea waned when it the ‘hat’ kept falling off. But new ideas flow fast with Hannah… nothing to worry about! Out came the Hannah-beads. I try to keep some Hannah-friendly supplies on hand, and these bigger beads are much easier for her to thread.

20100110 Careful Selection_sig

Everyone in the house was soon adorned with more bracelets, necklaces, anklets and headbands than one could ever want.

And of course, no sleepover is complete without some colouring in and a Disney movie or two…





And a bedtime story… in case you can’t tell there are about 20 toys in the bed with us




The next day was filled with more drawing, watching another movie, and riding the new scooter she got for Christmas and then a trip to Spotlight (where she managed to find a new fairy mask).


20100111 (2)        20100111 Pink Roller_sig

All in all we had a great time… she even tried to talk us into staying another week.

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