Mount Tomah

I’ve had these photos sitting on my desktop waiting to be sorted for a couple days now, and have only just had the time to play with them.

Last week my friend Vicky and I went on a little roam around the country side. She didn’t tell me where we were going, so it was all the better for being a surprise.

Cheeky Vicky

Turns out when I said that I had photographed every inch of the Nepean River and was in need of a new location, she was actually listening. Of course Vicky, being Vicky, her suggestion didn’t come in the form of a new location, but rather pointing out the error of my way and taking me to a new area surrounding the same river.

We started the day out at Yarramundi Reserve, which I’d never been to before. Turns out there’s a little river/beach where people go swimming and everything. Why did no one tell me this was here?

River Rocks

My favourite part was this weaving embankment of rocks dividing the river…


We even did a little wading ourselves! Kind of hard not to with everyone else splashing around having fun.


After the river we had lunch at a beautiful little cafe in Karrajung Village where Vicky and Andrew are planning to have their wedding reception. Then, since we’d already gone this far up the mountain, we decided to keep going to Mount Tomah Botanic Garden, where the wedding will be. This was perhaps a bad idea as now I’ll just have to go back and take even more photos.

Purple Faces BotanicalTigerlily

And if the flowers were not enough, dispersed throughout the garden beds were curved stone steps and lovely little wooden benches to rest on. The best was the one below, overgrown with little patches of moss.

Damaged 1 Damaged 2

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