What to do…?

A while ago I came across the blog shutterboo, a photography blog that I absolutely love. It was Brooke’s blog that inspired me to flesh out my photoblog (which was little more than a repository) in the first place.

Brooke also hosts a shutterboo Weekly Challenge on flickr which I joined with the intention of participating in a few weeks back but never managed to actually get to it until now. I was determined to participate this week. I WOULD make it!

And then the topic was toilet.


I had no idea what I was going to do as I didn’t particularly wish to take a photo of a toilet. I took a couple shots anyways, but nothing that I really liked. Starting to consider whether it would be work the weird look of asking others if I could photograph their toilets, I decided to give that a rest and go for something else entirely.



So what do you think? Toilet-ish enough?

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  1. I really like this, Rebecca! Very creative and different... and I like different. :)
    I'm glad you've joined the challenge - I think it's fun seeing what everyone comes up with. And you get to meet kickass people. :)