shutterboo: Eyes

The shutterboo Weekly Photo Challenge this week was ‘eyes’ – and if any of you know me in real life you’ll know that I have eye issues at times, so this one was a little hard for me.

My original idea was to take a close-up of my brother, who has really nice brown eyes – but he wasn’t exactly a willing model at the time and this was coming across in the photo.

In the end I managed to capture this scared look on my cat’s face. She really doesn’t enjoy being outside.


Next week’s topic: lingerie. I have no idea…


  1. I'm clueless about next weeks topic, too. I think you got a great shot of those beautiful green eyes.

  2. Thank you :) Of course, photoshop did bring out some of the green.

    I've been thinking about next week, and I have a few ideas but nothing concrete.