Weir Reserve

Bethany was commenting yesterday that she doesn’t get the chance to get out and about to take interesting photos. Alex and I frequently go on photo outings, but Beth usually stays behind. So yesterday, on the way home from the movies (The Princess and the Frog – go see it!), we made an impromptu stop at Nepean River to take some photos.

And for the first time ever – I’m still in shock – Alex was without any cameras. So the three of us camera hopped on my little camera. Not recommended photo-outing procedure.

Will You Marry It, Marry It, Marry It On the Cross I Love You

I’ve also been working on some more portrait-style photos, as I don’t feel comfortable with them. Of course this may be due to my lack of models… any takers??

Graffiti Boy 1 Graffiti Boy 2 Graffiti Boy 3 Graffiti Girl


location: Weir Reserve
models: Bethany and Alexander Johnson

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