1 Down, 51 to Go

So how did your first week of 2010 shape up? How many resolutions did you falter on? (How many did you actually start?) I had a good first week to the New Year so I thought I’d share…


20100101 Alighted_sig

We bought in the New Years in our usual fashion: by running around and making fools of ourselves. The best thing about this photo is that you can’t see we’re actually standing there barefooted and in our jammies!



We also spent part of the day with Alex, Beth and I all in the yard taking photos.



With Sunday came coffee with Renae and a touch of craft. I’m sure you’ll forgive me, Renae, for not posting the photo of you… in fact, I know you will, trust me.




Sunday is usually my library day, but with everyone still living up the last few days of their holidays, my library trip was replaced with a jaunt to Woolies. Grocery shopping instead of a library trip is hardly a pleasant exchange, but it did make up for itself with the find of this poor legless donut – still for sale in the front counter.



Monday was my lost day – with even my one and only photo from being rather unexciting. Mum, Beth and I went shopping – but I can’t tell you where we went or what we bought. It’s a bit of a blank.

That night, however, my poor laptop breathed it’s last breathe. It kicked me off Skype with a whirring – then, scarily enough, grating – sound and then never breathed again. Poor Berry, you will be missed.




While still in grieving – yes, yes I was grieving! Don’t imply otherwise – over Berry’s passing, I made a little side trip to visit was has up to now been referred to as “The Shiny Computer I Can’t Yet Bring Home”.

Except this time I did.

Her name’s Carter. She’s home, she’s pretty, and she works so fast she’s actually making me dizzy – so she’s living up to her namesake perfectly.



OneSheet (Page 1)

And then Wednesday was movie day! I don’t usually go the movie often, but I’ve been a fair few times lately.

Wendy, Rick, the Emilys and I went to Sherlock Holmes – as you may have surmised from the image to the left.

He was a Holmes unlike I had ever seen before, but I actually liked him all the more for it. And, as I had anticipated, the book has made it’s way from my shelves to my tbr pile.




And then today. Today was an at home nerd-day for me. No errands except a quick run to the shops, no doctor’s trips or taxi-ing around. I spent (most of) the day in my jammies – Wonder Woman flannel in case anyone is dying to know – and talked to friends online. Farscape marathon, a bit of  support for the ‘finish your unwritten fic’-a-thon I’m co-hosting, and a bit of reading (Philippa Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl).

The best part, however, was the Twitter War I partook in. And, despite the  ultimate draw that was called, I still maintain that I won – a little geeky competition never hurt anyone!


All in all, I had a fantastic start to the year. What about you? How did your year start?

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  1. What a great summary of your week!! I love the idea and also love that you didn't post any pics of me from Sunday - it was a grab-the-craft-and-run-to-Bec's mission after all :)