Calling Card

This page serves as a sort of address book, or calling card, for myself. I spend a lot of time online and make friends here and there, it makes things easier to have a central link list.

Books and Reading
~ Just One More Page (blog)
~ Goodreads
~ The Silk Ribbon (tumblr)

~ Believe in the Unbelievable (blog)
~ Dare to Dream (tumblr)

~ A Bowerbird’s Nest (blog)
~ Ravelry
~ Craftster

Photography and Art
~ A Bowerbird’s Nest (blog)
~ Flickr
~ deviantART


~ email: rebeccajohnson47 (at) gmail (dot) com
~ twitter: rebeccavoy
~ msn: becka_50 (at) hotmail (dot) com
~ skype: rebeccavoy

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