shutterboo: lingerie

The topic for shutterboo’s flickr challenge this week was lingerie, and I started the week with absolutely no idea what I was going to do.

I finally decided to enlist the help of my friend Amy – a lingerie addict if ever there was one – and gave much consideration to how it was I was going to actually ask her (how do you ask someone if you can take photos of their underwear??).

It was my careful phrasing of the question that actually gave me the idea I landed on…

Peeking 2


I took a handful of shots, but these are the other two I considered submitting…

Peeking 1

 Peeking 3

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  1. That strap is playing peekaboo. It's a tough subject [considering it can jump off the deep end] but I think you did an excellent job! Can't to see which one you post.