WiP Wednesday (Oct. 14)

wip wednesday

Today’s WIP Wednesday comes courtesy of Hannah and, I have to say, this is my favourite WIP to date.

I had a Hannah day today: movies, drawing, lots of running around senseless and having fun. But today also included Hannah’s first ever sewing lesson. And I’d like to point out that it was all her idea.

After having asked me if I’d show her how to make something on the sewing machine, we decided to make a dress for Bear. I found this a little disconcerting as I’ve been referring to Bear as a ‘he’ for the past six years, but hey, if Bear wants a dress, a dress he got.

Hannah designed the dress (with a few simplifying pointers from me)…

20091014 (66)

Picked the fabric (asking Bear’s opinion, of course)…

20091014 (67)

Cut out the pieces…

20091014 (68)

Ran it through the sewing machine…

20091014 (69)

Hand sewed on the press stud (oddly enough, this was the part she had the most difficulty with)…

20091014 (72)

Then, rather proud of herself, tried it on for size…

20091014 (73)

And I think Bear was quite pleased with the result. Doesn’t she (apparently) look pretty?

20091014 (78)

(please ignore the mess, Hannah and I have great fun on our days, but we also leave a fair amount of debris in our wake)

20091014 (79)

So what do you think? A worthy and impressive WiP if you ask me. Not to mention a far more ambitious first sewing project than my own.

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  1. what a lucky neice to have such talent in her family. I've joined WIP here