Baby Shower production line

I’ve been working on this cot blanket, well two of them actually, for about a month. I wasn’t too rushed, cause I knew I had a few weeks to go before I really had to have them done (no, I did not learn from Vajira’s early baby). So I was happily plugging away at my usual snail’s pace.

Then I find out that a semi-last-minute baby shower had been organised for Tuesday and – man oh man – I hadn’t quilted it or done the binding yet!

So I whip one of them under the sewing machine and spend the night hand stitching the binding on. Got the lovely bleedy finger spot which always makes me feel satisfied – I feel like I’ve really accomplished something if my finger feels like it’s about to fall off.


I got it finished around bed time last night, feeling pretty good about the fact that I had finished both Vajira and Vikki’s baby present (2 down, 1 to go) in two days. This morning I got up a little earlier to take some photos of the blanket and put a ribbon around it for the shower.


20091012 (2) 

20091012 (3) 

20091012 (4)

I must admit, I do enjoy working to a deadline and just scraping through with a grand total of five minutes to spare. Tuesday morning: quilt finished, photographed, rolled and ribboned.


Shower’s on Thursday.


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