I’ve been working on multiple craft projects lately – crocheted lapghans, a set of cupcakes, the Hogwarts scarf, and two patchwork cot blankets – and so, while there’s been some crafting, there hasn’t really been a lot of finishing.

So we’ll just have to settle for some craft-lite.

Finished mini-project #1: A set of matching ‘Fairy Wish’ necklaces for Hannah and myself.

20090921 Fairy Wish Necklace (1)

Just some pink and green foiled beads stringed and knotted onto some cord.

20090921 Fairy Wish Necklace 20090921 Fairy Wish Necklace (2)

I got the tiny glass bottles off a gift tag in the remnants bin in Lincraft. They were so tiny and so cute – they just needed to be made into something cute and girly: so Fairy Wish necklaces they became.

And mini-project #2: a day planner to last me the rest of the year. I needed one now and couldn’t put it off until the new year; just one more sign that I’m now a grown up, and I’ve got to tell you, I don’t like it.



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