Curiously not like George

Once upon a time there was a monkey.

20091011(Pattern: Amy Gaines’ Amigurumi Safari Animals Set)

He liked to climb in the jungle trees and tease the animals below him, the ones that weren’t able to climb and swing in the branches above.

The other animals weren’t too pleased with this (especially since the other animals are currently still in their wool-ball state), and made the monkey come down from the trees.

20091011 (1)(wool: Marvel 8ply acrylic; Spotlight)

“Sit there and be still,” they told him. “Stop prancing above us, laughing and throwing bananas. Stop being such a naughty monkey.”

Monkey sat as he was told, but was very saddened by his friends words. He didn’t mean to be a naughty monkey, he was just trying to have some fun. Upset, he turned his back, and cried.

 20091011 (2) (I just love the tail on this pattern, there’s no wire shaping in there, it’s caused by a spiralling skipped stitch – sorta.)

Seeing that Monkey was upset, and sorry that he had been naughty, the other animals came back and cheered him up, promising to come play with him again soon (when the jungle maker got her act together and finished them).

The end.

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  1. oh poor little monkey crying into some fat quarters (but what a gorgeous butt). it is curious (couldn't resist) to see your love of craft crossing over with your love of stories :)