Abnormal Knitting

I basically have two categories of knitting: that which requires concentration, and that which doesn’t. Concentrating-craft is usually done whenever I have a good couple hours together to do something uninterrupted, but non-concentratey-crafting (which, to be honest, is my favourite kind) just gets carted around with me everywhere. It gets chucked in my bag, worked on while I’m using the computer, and – most of all – while watching TV.

I never really thought that perhaps what I was watching would influence what I made, or how it would turn out. Usually I just grab whatever’s on top of either pile, but now I’m not so sure. This week I’m watching my new s1 DVDs of Sanctuary and I’m starting to see a connection.


(this picture has little to do with my project, but she’s just so pretty, and any excuse to play with the new photos!)


For those not in the know (and you really, really should be!), and without going into any detail, the show revolves a private research facility (known as the ‘Sanctuary’) run by a one Dr. Helen Magnus. This facility researches and provides care for a whole range of rare and unusual creatures, or ‘abnormals’.

As I sat there, becoming more and more obsessed (yes, I’m perfectly happy to admit that I’m pathetic), my knitting, which I hadn’t been giving a whole lot of thought to became more and more… abnormal looking.


20091011 Abnormal Scarf (3)(more project/yarn details to follow)

It seems I was creating my own genetically ambiguous scarf the whole time without even realising it. Guess this goes to show that excessive Sanctuary-watching is good for the creative process… either that I shouldn’t be allowed to watch TV unsupervised.


20091011 Abnormal Scarf (6)

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