I can cook!… I just choose not to

Every Thursday night, I go over to Brett’s house and we have our ‘friends night’. We watch TV and cook dinner… or rather, Brett cooks dinner while I flit around and make sarcastic comment, usually at his expense. No, I don’t really know why he puts up with me either.

In any case, after about three months of these nights, with my complete non-contribution to dinner (we both pay, he just does the slave labour, er, I mean, cooking) I decided that I had better prove that I have SOME domestic abilities.

Well. I don’t really like to cook, I will if the mood strikes, but for the most part, I’m not a huge fan. Baking however, that is something I can understand. At least then when you have to do all the cleaning you get something worthwhile out of the deal.

Which is why I decided my contribution would be one of my apple pies, apple and caramel, to be exact.


Of course, everyone in the house whinged when said I was making a pie only to take it out of the house, so one pie quickly turned into two.


The pies were received pretty well, so to my way of thinking, I’ve made my contribution and now I don’t have to lift a finger for another three months. What do you say, Brett?



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