Renae’s DS Case

Remember my super secret mystery project? Well it has now been handed over to the recipient, so I can reveal it’s true identity… a NintendoDS case.

P8270047(Please excuse the crinkly background, I really should have ironed the backdrop)

I noticed that Renae needed a case for her DS and thought the only thing to do would be to make her one myself – besides, I love little mini projects. It seemed to be a big hit – she seemed very excited to get a handmade gift, which made me think if I’ve ever actually made her a gift before (Renae?). And, then, what I was going to be making next… (and no, Renae, you can’t make suggestions).


The case isn’t quite green (which I know is her favourite), but it’s such a pretty aqua colour, and I’ve been hoarding the fabric for a while now – I’ve used a small amount on something else, but can’t remember what.


It seems to fit my DS okay… maybe I’ll have to make another one for myself.


So what do you think? Did anyone guess something like this from the clues?

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