Crafting grab-bag…

I plugged my camera into my computer today and found all these pictures that I had forgotten about. Amongst them were some projects that I’d started but not posted about…

Firstly, in June I got to go to my first ever school play! I was very excited to go see Wendy’s daughter, Emily, in her school production of Oliver! And everyone who’s in play should have flowers, right? Well… in my head they should. And since I had limited funds, I decided the only thing to do would be to make some.


A lot of the credit has to go to Alex, who walked me through the process – turns out that origami is not my strong point. But I was pretty happy with the end product. And I had a lovely time talking to the kind grandma outside the play about what kind of flowers they were!


Next project…

Renae and I are making the same project; should be a piece of cake for her and a little more challenging for me. Still it’s very cute and should make a nice birthday present for Bethany (not that you’re likely to read this blog, Beth, but if you are – GO AWAY! CLOSE YOUR EYES!)

I’ve made great headway into the project… I’ve drawn on the template. Oh well, it’s on the list.

20090629 Peanut - fur

20090629 Peanut - fur (2)

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