Super Secret Craft Project

I started on a little mystery project, and thought I’d share some photos – the final project will be revealed once the recipient has it, though I am accepting guesses.



P8260017It’s a stash project – all materials, including the big shiny button, were all salvaged from my supply cupboard. Which was a good thing, since I decided to start said mystery project at about 11pm, and I wasn’t about to go to the shops.


P8270019 Here’s everything (except cotton thread) used. Six pieces of printed cotton, one piece of natural cotton quilt wadding, and a big shiny button. It probably took longer to decide what button to use than to make the entire project.


P8270024Ahhh… it has padding of some description.


P8270043 It has a button hole, one that I had to do myself cause the pretty button, the one I finally decided on, was (of course) too big to go in my button-hole foot.


If you can guess it from those vague clues, you will have definitely earned a cookie.

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