It’s a little strange around here at the moment with all my friends (well, okay, not all, but a fair whack of them) are up getting married. Perhaps the biggest problem is that my friends are marrying my friends, so it just seems like there’s more of them.

Of course, as someone who has a bit of a reputation for liking to help out whenever possible (I really do!), this kinda means I get little wedding-related assignments. From ‘hey, what do you think of the colour of this here ribbon?’ (very nice) to ‘hey, let’s go check out where [insert fiance] and I are getting married’ (very very beautiful).


Vicky sitting in the exact place she’ll be getting married in a years time.

Now this all makes me very happy because, as I said, I do like to help, and I especially like a good outing. And this week bought another Fun Wedding Outing: going to see Vicky’s dress. Now I’ve been forbidden from showing the dress online but that didn’t stop me from documenting the day anyways.

We picked up Laura from work, and made our way to the plaza, stopping for a late lunch. Laura seemed particularly pleased with her crepes.

Pancake Girl

Girls Outing_sig

When we got to the dress store we, naturally, swooned over Vicky’s beautiful dress. I’d describe it to you, but there’s a very good chance she’d kill me, so I won’t. Not to worry, I’m sure there’s be photos later on in the wedding process!

Oh alright, you win, I’ll give you a quick glimpse.

Maid in Waiting

Pretty, don’t you think?

There was catalogue looking, to point out the exact shade she’s ordering in (champagne)…

Wedding Planning

And plenty of directing from the bridesmaid (‘no, the plum. The plum.’)

Bridesmaid Directions

Definitely a memorable FWO.

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