Bella’s Nightlight

Those who have been in the car with me can attest to my shocking lack of direction. No, we will not be getting into the stories today – you know them, I know them, let’s just let it go. Well, for Christmas I got a GPS from Santa – it seems everyone knows I’m hopeless. With this GPS I also got a multi-port charger for my car, featuring 3 lighter ports and one USB.

Well I’ve been considering this USB port since Christmas, trying to think what I’d use it for (since I play my iPod through my radio), and it led to me scouring the house for USB powered devices.

After learning that we have a bit of a USB obsession – we really need to stop shopping online – it finally dawned on me. The best thing ever to plug into my car. Something that Bella* would thoroughly enjoy…

A nightlight.

20100203 Dancing Light_sig

And what a cool nightlight! It seemed only appropriate that my rocketship should have her own little rocketship!


20100203 Bella's Nightlight [365_136]_sig

Of course, the whole time I’m taking those photos, half sprawled out of my car, was when everyone decided to walk past our house. What kind of crazy people go walking at midnight? Probably the same crazy people who take photos at midnight, but it’s not the point. (and yes, it was midnight, my car clock is wrong. If anyone knows how to reprogram it I’d owe you a really big cookie).

20100203 Homemade Disco_sig



* For those that don’t know, Bella (well, Bellatrix, to be more accurate) is my car. She’s my little rocketship and has taken on a personality all of her own.

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