Clip Board

While I was at uni, most of my mornings were spent running out the door for the early bus – if I was really lucky, I’d have a piece of toast in my hand as I ran, but it wasn’t often. As such, I usually scraped my hair back into a quick ponytail or bun as I went down the hill. On the days I was a little ahead of schedule, I’d pull it back into a quick braid at the bus stop. Basically whatever was quickest won.

9100811021290688687528_610wNow that I’ve got a little more time (to actually brush it properly if nothing else), I’ve gone back to pinning back the front à la Dr. Quinn - except not as pretty, because come on, no one has hair like this woman.

Anyways, doing this has taught me two very important things:

1) Bethany has pilfered an awful lot of my hair clips over the years; and

2) the ones I have left have an awful tendency to go missing without a dedicated place to put them.

And so began a session of my favourite kind of crafting: problem solving craft. And because I’ve rambled on enough, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Clip Board 1 Clip Board 2 Clip Board 3 Clip Board 5 Clip Board 6 Pinned Clip Board 7

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  1. gosh ur clever.. wish i was that good wit craft.. im not but still do lotsa craft c os its fun :) then wen someone comments i say a little kid done iot so i dont look bad lol

    from nell