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If you are Brett – STOP RIGHT NOW. This is about your birthday present, so go away. Now. Go sit in the corner and wait. Okay. Good.

So, those of you who aren’t Brett…

For those of you who don’t know Brett, his birthday is coming up in November and I thought that I’d make him a lapblanket. His computer is low to the ground and he sits with a cushion to use it and so I figured that a blanket was in order.

I originally intended to make him a star-shaped blanket, but the pattern wasn’t behaving, and so I resorted to a plain old granny-square afghan, but in a rainbow pattern. And no, it will not be a repeat of my own never-ending rainbow ‘lapblanket’; I learnt my lesson, it will not happen again.


I’ve been crocheting up squares this week (I have also done some yellow since this photo was taken) and am sitting on about 34 done.


It’s the most relaxing kind of crafting – requiring little concentration (meaning I can continue while chatting away/watching tv/checking email) and is small enough to chuck in my bag so I can do a bit here and there. Because of this, it’s getting made up far quicker than I had anticipated – Amy needs a blanket for her house, I guess I know what she’s getting for Christmas now!


On a bit of a sidenote: I went into the backyard to take these pictures this morning, only to discover that I had a very curious audience. The builders next door have demolished the old garage, so they can see right into our yard (only a temporary wire fence!). I suppose I looked rather ridiculous waltzing out of the house in my purple flannel pjs, and plopping down on the grass to take photos of a bag full of wool… Next time I’ll check if they’re there first!

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