Me against the wind

I’ve been trying to improve my photography skills, with very little actual success of course. I have finally realised, however, that taking pictures outside, with actual light, usually results in better photos.

Unless it’s windy of course.




Isn’t the grass pretty? Every time I’d line up the shot, the card would go flying!

I did eventually get it to stay put however, just in time to attach it to Hannah’s birthday present as we ran out the door.



I made the card on a luggage tag folded in half, partly because I wanted to slip it onto the ribbon, but mostly because I saw someone else do the same on a blog Renae sent me (don’t remember which one). Pink and purple are, naturally, the only colours appropriate for Princess Hannah – and of course a princess needs all the bling they can get, even if it is only on their birthday cards.

Beth and I had some fun stamping some wrapping paper too…


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