Protection from above

I had a bit of an incident this week – one which has been met with laughter from almost everyone. On Saturday I was swooped by a magpie, hard enough to draw blood. The thing just came out of nowhere!

The only person not to simply laugh at my plight (for which I am most grateful) was Renae. And Renae, being the wonderful and weird person that she is, didn’t leave it as mere sympathy, but was kind enough to make me a Magpie Protection Helmet!



It has feathers so the birds think I’m their friend, bells to scare them away…


And a face on the back so they know I’m still watching them!

P9130042 (It’s very hard to take a picture of something on your own head!)

For some reason, this very sensible precaution was also met with laughter…

And Renae, I told you I’d put it somewhere on display, so I put it on top of my dresser… I think I have to find somewhere else so it can stand out a little!



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