Oh Google Images, how I love you…

I secretly love Google Images and it’s complete inability to give me what I want. Or, more accurately, I love how it interprets what I ask for into some weird request that only Google Images understands. Makes for fun (sometimes very, very wrong) results.

While completing this week’s comic I couldn’t think of an appropriately geeky book to include and so I starting googling: “really geeky books”. Naturally I flipped over to the images to see what it bought back and I thought I’d share some of the best ones.

Okay. If you say so. I think this one looks a little too much like a lost kitten (wearing a vest?) to be a cool werewolf, but I’ll go with it. (Source)
I have no words except to say how much I love it. I mean really! It’s a pirate pug! I feel a little sad for the dog, and a little worried about the demented owner but mostly, yeah, I think it’s awesome. (Source)
Not going to lie. I totally want this. (Source)

Completely wanted to find this shirt and buy it for Brett. The source links to a pretty good opinion post about the distribution and design of women’s nerd shirts, worth reading. (Source)
bazinga apron
Because who doesn’t want a Flash apron, even if you are only a cardboard person. (source)

And that concludes today’s edition of “Google - you’re crazy, but awesome”. Join us again next week, boys and girls.

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