A computer Programmer I am not

I would consider myself pretty tech savvy. What I don't know I can usually figure out with a fair bit of googling and a bit of trial and error. But this week everything failed me.
I wanted to convent the wordpress blog hosting my webcomic into an actual webcomic site (like that of Wapsi Square or One of Those Days). To do that I needed to host the site myself and install wordpress onto the server. Then it was a simple plugin to utilise comic layouts. Easy, right
Wordpress boasts that it is 'one of the easiest installations available”. It. Lies.
I spent two days sighing loudly and yelling at my computer.
In fact, I feel fairly certain that if I had kept trying my computer would have been murdered. So after all the whinging and comparing, all the crabbiness that poor Lisa & Courtney had to endure I gave up. I put up one final plea on Facebook for assistance - I was prepared to pay for someone to take the problem away.
Did you know that I have a cousin who has a web hosting business? I didn't.
Forty dollars and a few very short hours (most of which I was asleep for) the problem was fixed and the site was up and running.
I will admit to being momentarily peeved that it was 'so easy' after all but have decided to adopt a more zen attitude and, with this post completed, repress the whole experience and just revel in the shiny.
Comic Layout

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