It's beginning to look a lot like... NANOWRIMO?

November kind of snuck up on me. Here I was, happily taunting Brett about it being Christmas time already (he stubbornly refuses to believe that it's Christmas until after his birthday) when BAM! It's NaNoWriMo time again.

Luckily I had already decided to sign up again this year, so there're was no frantic decision making made on the first day, but still, there was a part of me that, on the 31st, was still was still going "Noooo, it's October, I've got PLENTY of time."

Because of this I spent much of the day finishing up all the things I meant to do BEFORE November: prepared and send out the latest batch of badge orders, finished *ahem* last weeks comic, and found a laminator for $20 (surely that deserves a cheer, yes?). Did I write? Yes. Did I meet my goal for the day? Not even in the slightest. But not to worry, I'll catch up tomorrow (she says with naive assurance).

So! If you're Nano-ing, let me know! Feel free to buddy me (username: rebeccavoy). If you're not, but still want to watch me flounder (man, you're mean), I'll be posting my stats here.

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