30 Days of Indie Travel {Day 3}

Day 3: MUSIC
Music and travel memories often go hand in hand. A song can inspire our explorations, or it can take us back to a specific place and time. Tell us about your travel playlist and what it means to you.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of travel and music is driving down the freeway with Lisa, the soundtrack to Wicked blaring, and us singing at the top of our lungs. Though I had listened to the soundtrack many (many) times before the first time this even happened, this will always be the first thing I associate it with. And since this was my first real trip, the songs of Wicked are now always a must on any travel playlist.

I always compile a playlist before any trip (especially if this is a road trip), but to be honest the songs are usually the same: anything I belt out while driving is a must.

As my 'travel done' list is far shorter than my 'travel to do' list, I have way more inspiration songs than memory songs. There are two that stand out in my mind, two that always make me want to up and go.

"I Don't Wanna Wait" - Rosi Golan

"When In Rome" - Nickel Creek

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