False Progress

You know that feeling you get when you finish two projects in quick succession? The one where you feel like you're on the biggest of all rolls - watch out craft pile, I am conquering you! It's such a good feeling. Unfortunately, at least in my case, it's usually a misleading one. It's a false sense of success that, when looked at more closely, is revealed to be a complete lie.

While still enjoying this short-lived high I decided to lay out all my projects - I mean, if I'm going to fly through projects so quickly, I should capitalise on this and finish up everything in my cupboard, right? Right? With every incomplete project I piled up I felt that feeling of accomplishment drop away a little more, until all I was left with was a very unbalanced finished/wip ratio and a sad feeling.

But still, there is a part of me that really wants to reclaim that victorious feeling, and so I am going to own my crafting shame, list every incomplete item and vow to finish them!* On the plus side, they're all already under way so they should go past pretty quick right? Right?

WIP pile

I'm starting off easy with something that is only newly started and so the guilt level is pretty low! I'm working on this one for Christmas, so there's no up close photo today, but it is sitting next to be right now and is my current take-everywhere knitting due to it's simplicity. I am very nearly 50% done.

I'm at the awkward part of this project where I'm still loving the beautiful colour changes and dreading the part where the stripes will get thinner. It's at this part of any project that I remember why I secretly hate using variegated yarn. I have three balls of Noro for this scarf, and I'm about 3/4 of the way through the first ball.

No Fuss Shawl

I had some ambition for this project. I loved it (still do) so much and foolishly thought I would get it done by Christmas. And then I learnt that I hate, hate, HATE double knitting. So much. Which is why I'm only half way through a single square. Ellen has suggested that I ditch the double knitting entirely and just line it with some fabric, and I'm thinking she's right.

Caffeine Molecule

As is the way with all socks, I completed one whole sock before the project languished away in the drawer. This should be a relatively quick finish, so I'm hopeful for this one.

Vivace Socks

2014 Mood Blanket
I almost didn't list this one here as it's ongoing for the remainder of the year, but I'm a little behind in my squares (thankfully I've kept a chart!) so it's here to prod me along.

Mood Blanket

Naturally Yarns Cardigan and Hat K611
Of all the projects on this list, this one is probably the oldest (I say 'probably' because that air of uncertainty makes me feel better than knowing it's been sitting there for nearly two years). I put it away because I got stuck on the finishing and put it away in frustration. I pulled it out again last night (right before I had dinner with the now toddler I initially cast it on for. Ouch.) and was annoyed to see that the finishing was actually quite easy and it's now nearly done.

Naturally Yarns Cardigan

Okay, maybe this one has been in the drawer for the longest. I'm not really sure why this one was abandoned. I remember it being a relatively easy project. Unfortunately, I haven't done much on this one, so it's not much of a head start.

Mystery Lace Scarf

This one is just a massive pile of garter stitch at this point - more interesting photos as I progress.

February Lady

*Note that I sidestepped the whole 'by a certain date' part of that vow.

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