Warm tea and pretty things

There's nothing like a lazy Saturday to recharge and make you feel better about the world, is there? I've been enjoying the winter sun (best kind - just warm enough) and surrounding myself with all kinds of pretty things: pianos, and lanterns, and nice thick woollen scarves. And, of course, what Saturday morning is complete without a stop in at your friendly neighbourhood antique dealer?

My favourite antique store is my favourite for a good reason - it's owned and run by a wonderful family. I have worked with, taught and had many a chat with all of them, so it's always a treat to stop in on my way through town. I particular love that the owner knows the kinds of things I like and often points out a thing or two to me while I'm poking about.

I popped in this morning in the hopes of picking up a coat rack or something similar to hang my scarves on. No such luck on the coat rack, but I did find myself a nice wooden ladder which should do the trick just nicely. It's already been moved about my house five times - it doesn't quite seem to know where it wants to live yet.

While browsing, however, I found something I couldn't resist buying (though, I will confess, I didn't try very hard - especially when a few dollars were knocked off for me). The owner had been doing some scouting about and he had come across some old boxes and cases. This one, in particular, was in good nick (see the latch still attached!) and was pretty interesting. 

What I thought was just a cool looking box was actually made to be a dynamite box (thankfully now sans explosives). From there it was re-purposed as an artist's case. Now, in it's third incarnation, it is happily residing on my coffee table just waiting to be filled with all sorts of trinkets.

I haven't officially decided what's going in all those beautiful little sections, but for now I'll enjoy filling them up and moving them about.

Oh, and speaking of pretty things, I just have to include the flowers I've been toting from room to room for a splash of colour.

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