July 29th, 2014 marked the end date for my 101/1001 project... which I'll admit to have completely forgotten about. Despite this, I did manage to complete 25 goals on the list - I'd say a 25% success rate on a project I wasn't actively completing is pretty good, yes? In any case, I've decided to restart the project with a new list.

I've kept a few of my uncompleted goals, but for the most part it's a pretty new list. Mostly because a large chunk of the old one was unrealistic - I had a lot of travel goals on there that were never going to happen in the time frame allotted. The Day Zero website also has a 'someday' list function, so a lot of those goals went onto that list. I am, however, allowing myself to promote any of those goals to the actual 101/1001 list if I'm lucky enough to actually do any travelling! Also, at this point, I don't have a complete list of 101, but I shall add more as I think of them over the coming days. Feel free to head on over to the list in the navigation bar and make suggestions!

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