Granny Square A Long

My name is Rebecca and I am a Project-a-holic.
There I said it. I confess. I will do anything if you tell me it will be a full project. Luckily for me I have several friends who are crazy enough to believe me when I give them the ‘fun project’ spiel.
This year Wendy, Renae and I are doing a Block of the Month (BotM – which Wendy has dubbed ‘bottom’) Granny Square blanket.
Every month we will each pick a granny square we like and make three of each. By the years end we’ll each have 36 squares to arrange and play with to make our blankets.
The best part of the entire project is that we all picked very different wool to work with, Renae has some Carnival Super Soft, Wendy opted for Merino Magic, and I raided my stash and uncovered a large bag of Moda Vera Beetle that I had been saving for a ripple blanket.
But you’re not here to hear the logistics, you want the shiny photos, I know. So here you go. This is what happens when three craft nerds get together and fawn over wool. Be sure to check in at the end of the month to check out our first lot of blocks.
BOTM (2) BOTM (3) BOTM (4) BOTM (5)

Confess, you’re completely jealous that you’re not here swimming in our wool pile.

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