Tea Time

TI was thoroughly spoiled by my work Secret Santa last year and one of the goodies I found in my stocking was a nice box of tea. I was very excited about this – partly because I love tea, but moreso because it was raspberry tea and I love love love raspberry. I’ve been saving it for when I could sit down and brew a nice pot and enjoy it properly.


Rocking Raspberry (2)(Tea:  T2; Rocking Rasberry)

So this morning I was sitting here at the table, enjoying a rare quiet moment at home, and I got to thinking about different kinds of tea (as you do) and jumped up to grab the tea pot...only to realise that I’ve never brewed tea in a pot before. And so with Lisa enlisted as my tea guru, she helped me through the process.

Rocking Raspberry (3) Rocking Raspberry (4)

Once I managed to stop playing around with the tea itself (seriously, look at it - it’s so pretty! I was tempted to eat it as it was), I managed to measure it out and brew it up in a teapot I found. Didn’t know I actually HAD a teapot, but still, managed to brew up my tea.

Rocking Raspberry (6)

It was a white tea, which I’m not used to but I have to say, I loved this tea to bits. It smelt amazing and was a lovely sweet tea, which led me to go investigate the ingredients a little closer…

Rocking Raspberry (7)

And I’m sorry - but do you see ‘tea’ anywhere on that list? Cause I don’t - which leads me to the most exciting thing about this tea present. I learnt a new word! (yes I’m a nerd, but I so love when I stumble across a new word!)


tisane: A herbal tea, tisane, or ptisan is a herbal or plant infusion and usually not made from the leaves of the tea bush (Cameillia sinensis). Like brews made of the tea bush, such infusions are prepared by combining hot water and fruits, leaves, roots or grains. (Wikipedia)

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