BOTM - February

How do you start a monthly update post when you’re so behind you’re actually closer to the next one? I have no idea – except perhaps to declare my state of general behindness. You name it, I’m scrambling to catch up, so having the chance to sit and actually do this is a GOOD thing, because ‘blog’ was pushed rather low down on the to do list. BUT! Melissa ever so nicely requested (and reminded) me about this post, and I daren’t disappoint her*.
So, if you scroll down a smidge (because, sadly, the last time I updated was at the start of this project), you will see that my friends Wendy, Renae, and I are undertaking a year-long project (*gulp*) that we have dubbed our “Block of the Month club” – or, when we get a little silly: ‘Botm... hehe bottom” club’.
We met up recently (blatant lie, was nearly a whole month ago) and compared/traded our first round of blocks. Camera at the ready, I snapped a few shots to document the occasion.
BOTM January (4)
Here you can see my contributions… yes I know, I’m a bad crafter, look at their unblocked state. It was remedied by the end of the night, however, as you shall see.
 BOTM January (2)
This was the block that Wendy chose for the month, which clearly shows the difference in our colour schemes. The one at the front is Renae’s, the middle mine, and the final one, Wendy’s own.
 BOTM January (7) Scrap Martini
Wendy’s scrap yarn glass, to which she kindly allowed us to add.
 Instagramming Instagram monsters that we have become, the phones were out that evening. Here Renae gives Wendy some pointers.
There was another delightful part of the evening, which Wendy’s excitement had scheduled right off the bat. Wendy, kind person that she is, had made Renae and I a little botm treat…  
    Our very own blocking boards!
And there you have our February update on the botm project. We are aiming to do two blocks this month to make up for our planning/no block in January. I know for a fact that Wendy is right on target, and I’m pretty sure Renae is closing in on it also - so I had better stop the blogging and start crocheting.  
* if only because I’m slightly concerned that she can use her crafty super powers to overhear our plans to kidnap her and bring her to craft night.

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