shutterboo update

I’ve been a little lapse in the blog updating of late, so here goes with some catch-up.

Week before last the shutterboo challenge was suitcase. Well, I didn’t have a suitcase, so I made do with what I had. Bethany sportingly agreed to be my ‘runaway’ with her rather inadequate suitcase, I stole – er, borrowed – Alex’s camera, and we had a great time shooting from all weird angles. A ton more ended up on my flickr, and I have to say, I’m actually really happy with them.

This is the one I ended up with:

Runaway (9)


Last week the topic was blue, and again Beth was my model – anyone else willing to let me take odd photos of them? Especially since I accidently wrote on her hand with a permanent marker and she was ‘feeling blue’ for three days…

Feeling Blue


And this week - *sigh*, this week I had an incident with my camera. The topic was doorknob, which I was actually quite looking forward to, and then my camera decided to delete them all while transferring them to my computer. Okay, so I may have played a small part in that – but I’m still not entirely sure how it happened. Either way, I tried to reproduce the photos, with decidedly disappointing results.

Bit of Bling

*phew* and that’s shutterboo all caught up. Next week – reflection.


  1. I'm currently stalking your hobo on flickr. I should really say something like 'wow awesome photos!!' but like I said stalking your hobo...

  2. LOL my sister will be pleased to know she has a stalker

  3. Oh! I hate when electronics go bad!!! I've been there.
    And right now I have my old camera in pieces in a bowl on my kitchen counter. So I guess I should him/her/it!

    I stopped by from shutterboo's photo group :)

  4. oh no! that's awful!

    Thanks for stopping by!