Birthday Outing

This post is way overdue!

Just before my birthday I received an email with the following from my friends Wendy and Renae

Did you know your birthday’s coming?
Have you ‘happy-birthday-to-me’ been humming?
Well we know it too and we have a surprise
So keep Sunday free for a birthday drive
You won’t know where you’re going
But we’ll bring you home all a-glowing
We’ll pick you up around about 10
And have you back we don’t know when
so YAY! For birthdays, surprises and friends
this poem is now at its end

This in and of itself made me smile the rest of the week.

When my birthday came, they kept the secret right up until we got there, even trying to convince me we were going to a karate expo… it was a nice try, but didn’t quite convince me. We ended up at the Craft Expo and had a wonderful time!

Thought you might like to come along with us…


Little Engine that Crafted

This is the adorable little train we caught from the car park to the building – cute!



We took a beading glass, made a beautiful bracelet, and bought Renae over to the dark side of jewellery making.

I thought I took more photos during the day, but we were having too much fun flitting from stall to stall! I did, however, take some quick shots of the goodies I bought home…




I could not have had a more wonderful birthday outing!


  1. I'm glad you made it out alive...I would've died and gone to craft girl heaven ;)