Bec’s Birthday Gloves

Bec and I share a birthday, so I’ve made her something for the past two years – but this year it was a race to get it finished.

Bec's Gloves (1)

With the cooler months getting closer (please please please) I thought she could use some gloves for getting to work in the morning. After wading through a ton of patterns (and adding a ridiculous to my “MUST MAKE!” pile, I finally settled (with some help from her mother) on Liz Thompson’s Berry Hill fingerless mittens (free Ravelry download).

Bec's Gloves (4)

While still a relatively quick knit, the cuffs took far longer than I had anticipated – being a twisted rib. Overall, I really liked the pattern, it was easily memorised and very sturdy.

Bec's Gloves (5)

The cuffs where quite long, which I thought would slip nicely under a jacket, but I did add two buttons to jazz it up a bit. Bec’s far more stylish than me, so I thought a little pizazz was in order.


  1. Oooo.. I love those and the box is so cute!

  2. Thank you! :)

    Yep, nothing is safe around me, I hoard all boxes and do them up as gift boxes. I think this one was actually from the bank.