Mood Blanket 2014

Way back at the start of 2014, Wendy and Renae tried to talk me into joining in on the #moodblanketchallenge2014. I was pretty adamantly against it, thinking that the last thing I needed was a visual representation of what was still, at that point, a pretty tight-holding depression. Having that right there in front of me seemed like a TERRIBLE idea. I caved, because that's what you do when good friends ask you to do something (and, come on, it was a pretty cool craft project), but I was pretty sure I would hate it.

Oh how I hate to be proven wrong.

Not only did I not hate it, I actually found it helpful in the exact way they wanted it to be. On my worst days it was hard to crochet those squares, but at the same time I had, securely in my hands, direct proof that those bad days WEREN'T all my days. I could point to all the good days and run my fingers over them, remembering how I had felt then. While I started the year in a terrible streak of greys and blues, it soon got to the point where I was counting good streaks, and that was wonderful.

It was lovely to crochet my squares alongside Wendy and Renae, but even better than that was all the people around me who, even though they weren't actively participating, became involved all the same. We had a streak of weddings in a short period of time so they brides picked out their squares (the two tone ones). Luke and Nicole would ask me what my colour would be for the day. Ash instituted a whole new mood category ('epic' was required as something higher than merely 'happy'). And best of all was Kira wishing me "yellow days" or messaging me after a particularly good day with all of us together and just matter-of-factly stating that it had been a yellow day for all. It was beautiful to have my friends support me in such a meaningful way without them probably realising how great it was. 

I managed to finish the blanket on time (okay so I just scraped through) and thought I'd share a little bit of it's journey...

Mood Blanket

Mood Blanket

20150101 Mood Blanket (1)

I wouldn't be me doing a project like this if I didn't offer up some stats, so here you go, have a little pie chart.

There was a bit of hesitation on all our parts as to whether or not we'd be doing another blanket in 2015 - funnily enough, I was the first to sign up! I think having the opportunity to shop for more (and this year prettier) wool was definitely a large part of the decision making process.

I splurged (but not really, thank you massive sale!) and bought nice wool this year as I was discouraged using the acrylic last year. I selected the Morris & Sons Estate yarn in a huge array of beautiful colours, double the amount of last year. But the best part is the wonderful colour names,..

Mood         Colour
Happy        Nasturtium
Busy          Jacaranda
Tired          Swimming
Stressed     Crocus
Thankful    Venetian
Content      Tuscan
Angry        Marine Green
Brave         Posy
Anxious     Mild Mint
Grey           Clay
Creative     Limelight
Loved        Tomato Sauce
Epic           Party Pink
Excited       Petunia
Sad             Clear Sky

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