Moorland Blanket

As I mentioned on on the Craftmas post, Team #renbecwen will be working our way through Attic24's Moorland Blanket over the coming few months (look at me being optimistic, as if my chronic slowness won't see me lagging behind the others).

We've all been long-standing fans of Attic24. She was one of the first craft bloggers we all fell in craft-love with, and quickly because a regular topic of discussion - "Have you seen what Attic24's been making?" "Did you read about that lovely market Attic24 went to?" "Oh, that is SO Attic 24!"

In 2010 we undertook what my memory is telling me was our first concurrent project, the Granny Stripe. Even to this day it's one of my favourite craft projects, not only for the end result, which is draping the back of my lounge as I type this, but for the fun we had comparing our respective blankets.

Lucy Show and Tell (1)

It was Attic24 who taught us join-as-you-go granny squares which was a complete game changer, especially as it came when we were doing our so-many-squared mood blankets.

20150101 Mood Blanket (3)

At present, Renae and Wendy are plugging away at their twin Hydrangea Stripe Blankets. Thus far I have resisted the urge to pit them against each other in a "She's winning, now she's winning!" kind of way.

photo by Renae

What can we say? Attic24 is our collective craft-crush. So bring on the Moorland blanketing!



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  3. I hardly ever do any crocheting any more, but so much pretty makes things tempting. I'd say I hope you're better at me than resisting, but we both know how that goes ;)

    1. ...are you mocking me right now? I mean, it's fair enough. I am not so good at the craft resistance.