Christmas Knitting

As of today there are 60 days until Christmas.

Okay, who had a little bit of a heart attack? Surely not just me?

Thankfully, my Christmas knitting list is fairly short. I don’t knit/make a lot of gifts as I don’t have a great deal of crafty friends and making for non crafties is always a bit hit-and-miss. Having said that, there are a few extra things that have snuck onto the list for 2011 and I’m going to have to knit with a superhuman speed to get it all done… and I think we’re all aware that I don’t have that degree of speed.

Let’s just call it a challenge, shall we?

Since I am therefore supposed to be knitting, I shall bid you a quick adieu and leave you with this glimpse of the wool I received in the post this morning and will be starting work with this afternoon. I would tell you what for but I know that one of the recipients is likely to see this post sooner or later and I wouldn’t want to spoil (yes Lisa, I do mean you, try to guess which colour is yours).

Madeline Tosh yarn

Wool: Madeline Tosh DK Yarn
Store: Eat. Sleep. Knit.

Madeline Tosh yarn

Colourway: Vermillion

Madeline Tosh yarn

Colourway: Magnolia Leaf

Madeline Tosh yarn

Colourway: Golden Hickory

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  1. NGL. I've been trying to figure that out since you showed me the first photo. They all look so squishy and soft and shiny and beautiful and the coloooooooooooors. Don't even get me started on the colorway names (says the girl who bought eye shadow she didn't need because it was called Jane Eyre) *swoons*

    Also OMG CHIRSTMAS KNITTING AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *hides* I'm already planning an epic post holiday post with all the details.