Jet Setter

I will confess to feeling a little impressed with myself, sitting here at an airport terminal, writing up a blog post. How fancy am I?

...please let me have my little delusion, don't ruin it.

I actually have quite a fondness for the airport (in my oh-so-vast experience /sarcasm) and do love being here. It's filled with so many types of people which, as I'm sitting here waiting for my plane, I've narrowed down to a short list.

The Businessman: Now before you yell at me, I'm sure there are plenty of businesswomen here to, but they appear to be a little better at hiding their business-person status. They're easily spotted by their suits, sleek carry-on luggage and the way they peel away from each other as they approach their gate with a smooth 'see you next week'.

The Holiday-Goer: This type of traveler comes in two varieties. The first, the outgoing, can be identified by their big grins and lots of leg shown off in denim cut-offs, just waiting for the beach. The second, the incoming, can be picked by their extra bag (or two) of luggage, usually brightly plastered with things like "Live the Life of Byron!'. The exhausted expressions help here also.

The Air-Proffessional: Pilots in their jaunty caps and flight attendants in their neat jackets and brightly colored scarfs striding down the corridors with an air of superiority and secret knowledge. Also, they cut the queues. Mean.

The Traveler: Not to be confused with The Holiday-Goer, The Traveler is a different breed entirely. This person has an air of tiredness that they've come to know and love, and they're probably more than a little grungy. Tall backpacks that have moulded to their back and beanies that cover months of airplane hair is the norm here.

The Mother: Heading in or coming out from a misbegotten family holiday or necessary trip, the mother is usually leading one or more child in varying degrees of crankiness. This type is dangerous and not to be approached unless you are kind enough to help.

The Starbuck Writer Missing Their Cafe: Think about it, you know exactly who I mean, that person sitting at a table with a cup of coffee, and a laptop or two, stopping their typing only to check their iPhone or to shoot off a tweet or something...

...or who knows, maybe they're writing a weird post about the people about them?

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