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Over the last year or so I've found myself in situations (either by accident or design) which have found me testing my own knowledge and abilities. I have learnt that while I am remarkably unexperienced and have little inherent ability at much at all, I am fairly good at scrambling my way into a solution when situations go awry. Which, all in all, I'm rather happy about.

I say this as a prelude to this week's unfortunate realisation: I am not city savvy. Not even in the tiniest of bits. I know how to get on a train to my favourite bookstore or the library (naturally), I know how to find my way to the good gelato (Circular Quay!), and I know how to jump on a ferry to the zoo... but beyond that? Zilch.

As part of my enrolment this semester I had to attend a week-long study visit, touring several of the inner city libraries. Please note that while I said 'HAD to', I would have quite literally begged for the same opportunity. I mean really? A behind the scenes look at some of Sydney's libraries - yes please! But for me this also came with a crash course in the geography of the city and it's rail system. Armed with little more than google maps, a temperamental iPhone and a desperate amount of false confidence I was set loose. Realistically I thought my biggest challenge would be getting me to LEAVE the libraries - I didn't take into account the bigger challenge of finding them in the first place.

Fortunately for me, we students were pretty well nerded up with CSU name badges and so whenever I got too off track I simply looked for the other circling red and white name badges and we got lost together.

Despite my complete lack of knowledge of the city (did you know you had to pay to use public bathrooms?!) I managed to locate all the library locations - and on time, even! Feel free to run away now, as I am about to show the libraries I visited... mainly just for Lisa who sent me a charmingly adorable shout of "LIBRARIES!!!" when she learned where I was all week.



Note: I didn't take my camera with me this week because I know what I'm like and didn't want to give myself another excuse to turn up late. What few photos I did take were simple iPhone shots. Photos of the libraries themselves were not taken by me and link through to their owners.


Ultimo College Library



st andrew

(Couldn’t find an image of the inside of the library - not surprising considering it’s a school library. It was pretty nifty though.)


Ultimo Public Library (branch of the Sydney City Library)


Caroline Simpson Library - Historic Houses Trust


carolyn simpson


carolyn simpson2  carolyn simpson3


State Library of New South Wales




A Night at the Mitchell Library from State Library of New South Wales on Vimeo.


The University of Sydney Archives



University of Technology Library


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