{week 4: colourful}

I’ll confess… when it came to this week’s challenge, I allowed myself to get a little… well… cocky. I mean ‘colourful’? Have you met me? Have you seen my fanatical rainbow collecting? Have you seen me drawn to colourful yarn quicker than a poor deluded moth heading straight for that flame every time? Surely this week would be my week, I would have an AWESOME colourful photo.


What’s that they say about pride coming before that fall? (well, no, the fall was last week)

Between reports scrambled together at the last minute (and on that, what’s with reports anyway? For six years you make me write essay after essay, and now you want reports), weddings, and that stinking heat… stepping out the door into the sun, let along hauling my camera around was the last thing I wanted to do.

The universe was getting back at me for my incorrigible cockiness. I have seen the error of my ways.

ANYWAYS! Colourful. I did finally settle on an image…

Matthew and Jade's Wedding (97)

This is my sister Bethany… quite possibly the most colourful person I know. I asked her to stand still so I could take a photo of her dressed all nice for the wedding (somewhat of a rarity), and naturally she had to finish her drink first… she’s a character, that’s for sure.

(oh, and see how brightly her face is lit? This is AFTER I played with it in Photoshop – should give you some idea as to just how hot the day was. When shutterboo mentioned the Aussie’s still having some summer colour… well… we all came home from the wedding far redder than we had been that morning.)


Photos that didn’t quite make it…


 Matthew and Jade's Wedding (76)_

(again, such a bright day, everything in that garden was so bright and shiny, all the colours really popped)



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