Bargain Stumbler

I wouldn’t consider myself much of a shopper – in fact, there is little I hate more than going shopping (unless it’s book or craft shopping, that’s not shopping). I’m very much a ‘do my research at home and go in and get exactly what I decided on’ kind of shopper – or better yet I shop online. As such, bargains are rarely a surprise.

But even I have to share this bargainy shopping day.

I went into Spotlight to pick up some linen for my next cross stich (come on end of backstitching!) and walked right into their end of season yarn sale. Oops? I’m innocent I swear!

Anyways, I managed to find the linen I needed (first time buying linen, I had no idea) and at $61.94 a metre I was more than a little concerned about getting the right kind so I asked everyone who would listen to me. Thankfully, the amount I needed came to about $25.

Then I had to grab a few balls of basic acrylic yarn for some phone covers I wanted to make (photos to follow) so that came to $8.70.

I picked up a new knitting bag as the green enviro bag I’ve been toting mine in is getting a little ragged… $30. (by the way, if I get to the end of this post and write “the cost of crafting… priceless”, I can’t be held responsible).

Oh! and then they had the Moda Vera sock yarn on display (normally $11/ball) and, well, a few fell into my bag.

Sock Yarn


So, for those playing along at home (how much do I want to host my own game show right now?

Linen $25

Bag    $30

Acrylic wool $8.70

Sock yarn $120 (*gulp*)

That comes to a whopping $183.70 – enough to get be rebanned from Spotlight for life. Ah! Until you take into consideration that the bag was half price… and the $11 sock wool? marked down to… $2. Oh, and I had Christmas vouchers… so my bag of goodies came to a total of $19.70.

Yes… I think that’s a pretty good bargain, don’t you?



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