{week 3: control}

When it comes to my own balance, I know all too well that I have no control. Though I do feel that the universe took the opportunity to take this week’s randomly selected topic to make fun of me.

Why? Well this is me right now…



Yup. Holed up in bed, too scared to move because an inches movement in either direction leaves me wanting to hack my own foot off because surely that would hurt less.

I feel on some uneven ground and, after 6+ hours (sigh) in the emergency room, was sent home with little more than a ‘there there you’ll be fine’ (well they did say “soft ligament damage”). Now let’s be clear, I don’t truly mind the platitude, but I do mind the four hours between the x-ray and the dismissal. Oh well, I sprain my ankle at least once a year (the result of a pretty major sprain when I was five), so I hobble pretty well.


Ice Pack 

So that leaves me here at home with a nice ice pack, and an even nicer bought of sympathy (a rare commodity in our medically fraught household). Luckily for me, it also presented a nice opportunity for this weeks challenge photo, and so I present you with…


Week 3: (lack of) Control


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