A Hannah Day

Every once in a while I have a ‘Hannah Day’. There is no consistent reasoning behind a ‘Hannah Day’ – her mum needed a babysitter, she wanted to play, it was the school holidays, there was something fun on… the list goes on.

More often than not, though, it’s because she just wants to play. I very much enjoy my position as the ‘favourite’ – and I can say that quite freely, knowing that my brother and sister agree with me. I’m “Beeky” and “Beeky” is the only one willing to do crazy silly things, the one more like a seven year old than she is. All in all, I’m just living it up until the day she hits ten and realises that I’m a dork.

Donut Girl

Anyways, last week the local club put on a holiday ‘Rainbow Disco’ for the kids and of course, this was something to which only Beeky could attend. I was surprised by just how many kids there were! Everywhere you looked, there were kids underfoot. We headed straight for a table to set up a base camp and before she could even take off her jacket she was gone, lost to the masses.

Rest Time

She had a great day running and playing and dancing, and I spent my time shifting from one chair to another (to whichever faced her general direction) and finishing up my book – all in all a pretty good outing!

She wasn’t all too impressed to be leaving early, but with her cast having only recently come off, I was worried she was over taxing her foot and she had already started to limp a little. All pouts were put aside, however, when we remembered the promised trip to Sparty’s for a balloon.

Tethered (2)

The balloons (yes, I had to have one too!) did not receive a kind reception when we returned home, but we sure had fun having our balloon fight.


  1. I think you'll be safe from the day of dork realization...she is a dork in training after all ;)

  2. Of course! Why didn't I think of this?? lol