Man vs. Bee

We had ourselves an trip to the emergency room night before last – not entirely unheard of in our house, but this time it was my father in the role of the patient. Seems he was silly enough to get bitten right on the eyelid, and since he’s somewhat allergic to bees we thought it best to ship him off (despite his complaints).

Man vs. Bee

I actually rather enjoy the ER, strange as that seems. I suppose it comes from growing up in and around hospitals, but there’s very little sense of urgency for me, which leaves me to sit and people watch.

Emergency Room

I also snapped a few photos here and there – which my father was not too happy about, but then again he never really is when I do anyways, so not to worry.


We finally got in to see a doctor (about five hours later), he gave him a shot, some pills and a prescription and then sent us home. Took about fifteen minutes. We made him promise to leave the boys alone in future.

No Smoking

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