A long overdue craft night

I always enjoy when craft night comes around again - not because I enjoy the crafting (I do!) or because it means seeing my friends (of course I do, this goes without saying!) but because I get to refer to it as my 'rager night'. It's the night that I stay out past midnight and get up to all kinds of shenanigans with my friends. Crocheting and consuming tea counts as 'shenanigans', right?

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We aim to have our craft night, our Block of the Month or BotM night (cue many giggles around the world 'bottom' every time), once a month. Unfortunately the last time we managed any degree of consistency in this regard was around the time all three of us turned up with our assigned blocks in hand - so... some time ago. It was sad for us to learn that our last craft night was a whopping 18 weeks ago (thank you instagram for providing the timeline). That life has become too busy for our crochet nights just means that we need them all the more.

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This month yielded no BotM squares, save a few paltry unblocked offerings from myself (I think I've lost my blocking pins an a subconscious attempt to allay my guilt over my non existence blocking ability). Despite this, however,the night was far from unproductive. We had birthday celebrations and gift giving, lessons in Ravelry (I think my attempt to convert them needs a little more work), good conversation, and, yes, even a little crafting.

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Wendy worked on her mood blanket (reminding me that I am still woefully behind) and showed off the beautiful scarf she's crocheting out of Noro Sekku.

20140725 (2)

I think Renae surprised herself a little with the rate at which she flew through a knitting scarf, knitted up on size 15 needs. She has now finished it and looks very pleased with herself!

I was the least productive of the group, working away on the second incarnation of a shawl, only to rip that back also (my rage over this to appear in a post of it's very own). Throw in a thorough spoiling by Matt in his providing of watermelon sorbet (yum!) and I just know you'd agree that we had a wonderful craft evening.

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