Saturday, August 21, 2010

Skate Park

One of the things I love best about sporting a larger more professional camera when out and about is the assumption people make that you’re someone important. When I walked around taking odd photos with my little point and shoot, I was just that weird girl taking photos of trees and people’s shoes.

Now, however, I’m apparently someone important – and people have no problem approaching me to ask. So far in the two and half months since I’ve had Athena I’ve been a professional photographer, a reporter, a council worker, someone affiliated with the police, a landscaper and an architect. Everyone someone makes one of these assumptions I briefly consider playing along… but always chicken out at the last minute.

The last time this happened was at a local skate park. The kids there had it in their heads that I was someone apparently high up enough in the council to get their park extended. Despite my claims to the contrary they all told me why this would be a good idea and even considered starting a petition.

Photo outings are far more fun these days.


Jamison Skate Park Jamison Skate Park (2) Jamison Skate Park (5) Jamison Skate Park (6) Jamison Skate Park (8)


Brooke said...

The thing I loved about the skate park is the kids don't really care that you're there. They just want to skate. I went on a weekday after lunch - meaning school was in session. But something like 20 kids were playing hooky. It was neat, my photos weren't stellar, but I do want to go again.

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