Poor abandoned blog

*blows off dust*

It has a ridiculously long time since I’ve posted here, but since I only have one reader, and I talked to her yesterday (hi Lisa!), then I guess it’s okay.

Right now I’m sitting typing this with my current craft project covering my lap. It’s a project that makes me pretty happy cause it’s one my craft buddies are doing at the same time: the Granny Stripe Blanket ala Lucy from Attic24.

Lucy Blanket (1)

We all became Lucy fans at the same time, and have been following her together ever since.

Lucy Blanket (2)

We all decided to do this project and we all ordered wool together (which, naturally, included a package-opening party). And now lookie… *sigh* pretty.

Lucy Blanket (3)

It’s bright and squishy and pretty much everything I love in a project.

Lucy Blanket (4)


  1. Love the rainbow! I'm starting a new knitting project this week myself. Yes, it's another scarf but it's not for me. :)

  2. Thank you! Any excuse for a lot of colour.

    LOL You have the knitting bug now. When you start making scarves for your house, then you can be worried.